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TCS Company Activities

TCS Transponders Communication Systems, is working in Israel since 1994 in technological fields derived from data communications technologies applications and transponders technologies, especially respondents Rf-ID Radio Frequency Identification Devices. TCS is the provider of Dead Sea production plants control systems, EAPC Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Co. Ltd for gas supplies and weighing systems, in municipal-level and municipal level sanitation contractors, security companies and security with maintaining complex equipment control systems, parking lots with communication equipment for vehicle identification manufactured by TransCore, a provider of security system equipment on identifying and reporting by transponders units, a provider of computerized files area ministries and private organizations and the like.

Our company develope and supply to companies throughout the world (mostly in Israel, Western Europe and USA). We present solutions for operational activities and measures to mobile detection vehicles, registration and management activities using technology RFID. Systems combined with advanced management software databasesSQL and Data communication capabilities GPRS. Data transmitted from the dedicated server and operational focus and allow control, monitoring and supervision extensively on various activities. The systems are developed by our company and have been developed based on customer demand around the world. 

TCS is an official distributer for worldwide TransCore Company (exclusive representative in Israel), which specializes in developing equipment and systems identification RFID for applications such as, vehicle identification systems, toll roads and border crossings, vehicle identification systems, parking lots, vehicle licensing systems, security systems for airports, monitoring and recognition systems to prevent accidents and rail traffic, traffic systems management systems and so on. These systems are active in many countries around the world.

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